November 30, 2022

How to shoot a... food puzzle?

This is one of the most interesting and challenging projects that our team has worked on. Creating a frame for a puzzle is much more complicated than photographing food in a beautiful way. Let's get straight to the point - the more details there are in the picture, the easier it is to put together a puzzle. If you want to make it difficult - choose dishes in similar colours and watch the customer work hard on putting the puzzle together. For that specific puzzle you need more than 8 hours, a couple of friends and a bottle of wine. When talking about a beautiful professional photo of food, the colours should be natural. But when it comes to a puzzle, all colours need to be bright, contrasting and like a drawing. There is a lot of photoshop work involved until the photo is suitable for a puzzle print.

The product is an idea of ​​Black Sea Puzzles and Ozone and is successfully sold in four countries - Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Greece. Includes 1000 colourful small but high quality pieces. It forms a beautiful picture with the most popular dishes from Bulgarian cuisine. Each one of them is not only styled by Sandra Aleksieva, but prepared step by step according to traditional recipes. In the box, in addition to a bag with 1000 colourful puzzle pieces, there is also a poster with all the recipes of the photographed dishes, translated into several languages, so that the customer can prepare them at home. The poster is an absolutely necessary part of the set, because the photo is mouth-watering.

The Sandra Food Studio team is proud of this project, not because it is interesting, but because the final product has very good results. It is a great gift for family friends, children and especially for foreigners who are curious to know our traditional cuisine. It's also a good gift for your clients to put together the puzzle in the office as a team building activity.

If you visit Bulgaria and have the pleasure of being in the offices of some of the production service companies here, such as Push Pull Production, Icon Films Sofia or B2Y Productions, don't be surprised to see the same puzzle framed.

You are welcome not only to entrust us with the good execution of your food projects, but also to serve you delicious traditional dishes.

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