The Sandra Food Studio team has a fully equipped kitchen suitable for filming cooking TV shows, two photo studios and photography equipment of the highest quality. In the active kitchen, the team filmed two culinary shows for Code Fashion TV and the YouTube channel of the most popular culinary site in Bulgaria -


The professional photo studio is located in the centre of Sofia and has an active kitchen right next to it, so that culinary shots of the most difficult nature are possible.


The team also has a second active kitchen not far from the centre of Sofia, which is rented out for photos and commercials. The kitchen is simple, bright and has a large kitchen island and full equipment of the highest class. Two culinary shows - online and for television - as well as multiple photo shoots and tv commercials were filmed there.
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As a team with years of experience, Sandra food studio has a range of kitchen gadgets, tableware and decorations needed for every project, photo shoot and commercial.
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